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Golf Club Ypsilon will bring together the best talented young players from 13 to 18 years of age from the entire Liberec region on the Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec course, teach them positive training habits, monitor their technical basics and lead them to prestigious Ypsilonka representation throughout the Czech Republic.

We want to establish a Regional Training Group and bring together the best players in the Liberec region and within 5 years become a recognized academy with the right to select young skilled players with effort, hard work and potential.

Thanks to the work with the youth, golf at Ypsilonka will rank among the top 5 best and highest quality courses in the Czech Republic.

By working with youth and bringing golf closer to young people and families in the entire Liberec region, we will dispel myths about golf and the inaccessibility of Ypsilonka, and we will raise awareness of quality and accessible sport for everyone.

Children’s training sessions are divided into a summer and a winter part. The summer part, from April to October, takes place even during the summer holidays at Ypsilonka. The winter part, from November to March, takes place indoors in Liberec.

Children’s training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As part of the training, the children will be divided in such a way that their age and performance are taken into account.

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