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He got acquainted with golf on the opening day of Ypsilonka. He was a member of the sports team from its inception until 2017, when he became a member of the PGAC and began to pass on his experience as a professional coach at Ypsilonka. During his studies, he completed the Trainer II course. classes, Marshal course and Referee course III. classes. He successfully completed his studies in 2019. At Ypsilonka, he currently works as the head coach of the youth and men’s and women’s sports teams. He is also in charge of the development of the youth training center and helps to improve the game of both beginners and advanced players.

He teaches golf in Czech and English.

Contact: zacek@ygolf.cz, Phone: +420 603 208 266


From 2007 – 2016, a member of the PGAC, as a Golf Professional and Class II coach. After maternity leave, she applied for rematernization mainly for the reason of amateur golf. Since then, she has been a member of the women’s league team Ypsilon, which in 2020 made it all the way to the team extra league. He is now passing on his experience with the current HCP 0.5.

He trains all performance, age, male and female categories, in both Czech and English.

Contact: sixtova@ygolf.cz, +420 731 547 810


Richard has been a member of the USGTF (United State Golf Teacher Federation) since 2004. In 2006, after returning from the USA, he became a member of the PGAC (professional golf association of the Czech Republic) and has been working at Ypsilonka since the same year.
He successfully completed his PGAC studies in 2009 and trains as a Golf Professional and Coach II. class

He is a coach of both beginners and advanced golfers as well as sports teams at YPSILON GOLF LIBEREC. He runs corporate golf academies for non-players and beginning golfers and suburban golf camps for children during the summer holidays. Several times a season, he organizes Demo days of the W/S golf brand.

At Ypsilonka, he also acts as the STK of the club (sports technical commissioner) and you can meet him on the field in the role of starter or marshal.

Golf is taught in Czech and English.

He also specializes in fitting (repair and adjustment of golf clubs), and will be happy to advise you on the selection of your golf equipment.

Richard also organizes annual winter golf trips to warm destinations for members and non-members of the Ypsilon Golf Club.

Contact: barusel@ygolf.cz, Phone: +420 731 547 837

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