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Menu and beverages


Dear Golfers
We would like to introduce our new breakfast concept at a single price.
In the card on the table or directly at the reception we give you a choice of a rich breakfast according to your taste or health requirements.
We will be glad if you like this concept and we will be able to set up your table and prepare a tailor-made breakfast.
However, if you only want a simpler breakfast, we offer breakfast at the prices below.
3 pc.Scrambled eggs with onion, fresh bread, butter95 Kč
3 pc.Egg omelette with cheese and herbs with pastry and butter95 Kč
2 pc.Turkey sausage with horseradish and mustard95 Kč


The restaurant will continue to be up to date with this year’s offer, which will depend on the capabilities of our local suppliers.
The menu will be made up of seasonal ingredients and therefore we will change it several times a year to maintain the attractiveness of the meals on offer.More about our menu for 2019 will be written on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cold cuisine

 100gPickled Hermelin cheese (7)
marinated in herbs and spices, cranberries
95 Kč
75/150gBeef tartare “mixed” – served with garlic toasts
125/238 Kč

Tarte flambée

 200gTARTÉ CLASSIQUE (1,3,7)
thin dough, créme fraiche, bacon, onion
149 Kč


Dailly soup
65 Kč


Roast beef with root vegetables sauce “Svíčková”
czech dumplings, cranberries
185 Kč
Baked pork ribbon on red wine
mashed potatoes
215 Kč
“Svijany” Beer Goulash
from beef cheeks, thickened with bread crumbs, bun dumplings, onion
165 Kč
Roasted pork “Moravský vrabec”
creamy spinach, potato dumplings
165 Kč

Meals prepared ala minute

Grilled chicken breast with skin
vegetable cous-cous, pesto
215 Kč
Beef steak
pepper sauce, roasted green beans with bacon, grenaille potatoes
495 Kč
Veal fried steak – Viennerschnitzl
our potato salad with sour cream, cranberries
285 Kč
Pike perch fillet in butter with herbs (4,7,9)
warm salad of red lentils, lime
325 Kč

Nonalcoholic drinks

0,3lFresh lemonade
Dailly offer
59 Kč
0,3lToma water, still or sparkling39 Kč
1ltrTap water with lemon and mint35 Kč
0,1lKofola Czech “cola” lemonade12 Kč
0,25lPepsi, Pepsi light55 Kč
0,25lEvervess tonic/ginger ale, 7UP, Mirinda55 Kč
0,25lRed Bull energy drink89 Kč
0,25lJuice Tropicana 100%
Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Multivitemin
55 Kč

Coffee and tea

Espresso ristretto
22 ml, 8g coffee
49 Kč
30 ml, 8g coffee
49 Kč
Double espresso
60 ml, 16g coffee
79 Kč
Espresso macchiato49 Kč
Cappuccino59 Kč
Café Latté Macchiato69 Kč
Vienner coffe
double espresso, whipped cream
89 Kč
Hot chocolate
whipped cream
79 Kč
Aldermann Tea
daily offer
59 Kč
Ginger tea, Mint tea
honey, lemon
75 Kč


0,08lCampari Bitter85 Kč
0,08lMartini Dry85 Kč
0,25lAperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosseco, soda
115 Kč

Spirits and liqueurs

0,04lBecherovka Original65 Kč
0,04lJägermeister85 Kč
0,04lBalley’s original85 Kč
0,04lBaron Hildprandt Ripe pear85 Kč
0,04lBaron Hildprandt Slivovitz, pear brandy 42%85 Kč
0,04lJelínek Honey, Honey slivovitz85 Kč
0,04lVodka standard85 Kč
0,04lVodka Stolichnaya 85 Kč
0,04lGin Beefeater London dry gin 85 Kč
 0,04lCaptain Morgan spiced gold 75 Kč
 0,04lHavana ClubAnějoBlanco 85 Kč
 0,04lRon Zacapa Centenario 23 y.o. 185 Kč
 0,04lDipolomático 12 y.o. 175 Kč
 0,04lJameson85 Kč
 0,04lJim Beam bourbon85 Kč
 0,04lJohnie walker red label85 Kč
 0,04lJack Daniel’s old NO.7 125 Kč
 0,04lChivasRegal 12 y.o.145 Kč
 0,04lMartellv.s. 100 Kč
 0,04lMetaxa *****85 Kč
 0,04lRoyalOporto Ruby85 Kč


Svijany 450 let – Lager, 4,6%33 Kč49 Kč
Svijanský Vozka – nonalcoholic beer29 Kč43 Kč


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