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Take time for you with one of our massage services right here in our golf club.

You can enjoy our massage therapy sessions every week from Wednesday to Sunday.

Book your treatment at the reception or call +420 731 547 847. Contact the reception in advance, please.

Our Massage Therapist Lída is looking forward to your visit.

Type of massage30 minutes60 minutes90 minutes
Therapeutic massage750,- Kč1100,- Kč1 750,- Kč
Sports massage750,- Kč1100,- Kč1 750,- Kč
Aromatherapy750,- Kč1100,- Kč1 750,- Kč
Lymfatic massage 1100,- Kč 
Cupping massage therapy 1100,- Kč 
Tapping according treatment from 100,- Kč 

Sports massage
Regenerates, relaxes and calms your body after any sport activity. It brings efficient relief of muscle tension and decreases muscle soreness, helps to heal injuries faster and prevents them from occuring. A pre-event massage is great to prepare your body for the best possible performance.
Therapeutic massage
Based on classical techniques with using not only hand, thumb and elbow pressure, but also other healing and massage techniques. The aim of the massage is to increase blood circulation in muscles and improve their metabolism and relaxation.
A relaxing massage where you can choose from a range of aroma oils to create a relaxing atmosphere, improve your mood, and avoid stress and sleep problems.
Manual lymphatic massage
This king of a massage is highly recommended mainly as prevention for people exposed to standing all day long. Its benefits include fast recovery after physical strain, hiking, and all kinds of sport. It is an effective health treatment for acceleration of metabolic processes and it also supports the body´s natural detoxification system.
Cupping therapy
This mean of therapy is really effective as a supplement treatment of a classical massage. It is a combination of the classical massage and a cupping therapy which all together help relieve muscle tension and eliminate health troubles.

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