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Types of membership 2019

1. Entry membership fees for 2019

Annual membership
2x fee for 18 holes for free, 30% discount from daily fee during the year, other benefits for club members
CZK 4,000
Ten-year membership
May be settled within 12 months after entering the club in two instalments.
CZK 30,000
Life-long membership
May be settled within 12 months after entering the club in two instalments.
CZK 60,000
Annual childhood membership for children under 15 years of age
Includes annual membership fee incl. playing cards. It is valid for years 2004 and younger.
CZK 1,500
Membership for children, youth and students
For children and youth aged 18 years or less and students under 24 years of age. Membership is only valid for studying youth and students of the daily and combined study programmes upon presenting a certificate of study. Membership expires upon the 24th birthday. In case the members aged 18 years become students of daily or combined study, their membership is extended automatically until they are 24 years old, subject to the on-going study.
CZK 8,000
Sports membership
The membership has annual validity and depends on representing the club (league competitions and team competitions for YGC in 2019). The awarding of sports membership is decided by the club administration board.

2. Annual membership administrative fees for 2019

These fees apply to the types of membership below:
a) Ten-year membership (for natural persons aged 19 or more)CZK 500
b) Life-long membership, including existing members (for natural persons aged 19 or more)CZK 500
c) Fees for children, youth and students (for children and youth aged 18 years or less and students under 24 years of age)CZK 300
The price of the annual membership fee for the member includes CGF registration and membership administration, and this fee is set regardless of the type of the paid entry membership fee.

Membership and annual fee for the club (association is exempt from VAT).

Membership fees can be settled in cash at the club reception, or via bank transfer to the account No. 1018947002/2700

When transferring the money to the bank account, it is necessary to state the membership number or birth identification number as VS (variable symbol identifying the payment) and to enter the name and surname as the note to identify the payment.

3. Basic conditions for the club membership

  1. The member of the Golf Club Ypsilon association, z.s. (hereinafter also as GCY) may be a natural or legal entity consenting with the valid articles of association and the purpose of the association and applies for the membership via a written application form. An application form of an under-age person must be signed by the applicant’s statutory representatives.
  2. The confirmation of the application form is conditioned by the settlement of the membership fee and the annual fee.
  3. A document demonstrating the payment of the membership fee or a proportional part thereof must be enclosed to the association member application form.
  4. The administrative board of the association decides on the admission of members. The administrative board of the association makes the decision regarding the application within 15 days after its receipt. Membership starts as of the date of decision of the CGY Association’s administrative board on accepting the applicant as a member. The decision on either accepting or refusing the applicant shall be disclosed to the applicant in writing and requires no reasoning. The accepted member receives a notification of the club membership. In case the applicant settles the membership fee and the administrative board subsequently refuses his application, the administrative board shall discuss and arrange for the return of the settled fee to the applicant.

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