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Local rules

Course boundaries and Out of bounds (Rule 2.1)
The boundaries of the course are marked with white stakes, a fence or electric fencing except those parts of the electric fencing which are clearly part of the penalty area (holes 4, 12, 13). All parts of the electric fencing in the penalty area (holes 4, 12, 13) are immovable obstructions (Rule 16.1).

No Play Zone in Penalty Area (Rule 17.1 e)
No play zones are penalty areas marked with red or yellow stakes with a black stripe or electric fencing poles of the same colour(s).
When ball is in No Play Zone in Penalty Area or when the No Play Zone interferes with the stance or swing for ball in the Penalty Area the player must take relief under Rule 17.1 e.

Immovable obstructions – Abnormal Course Conditions (Rule 16.1)
All bridges and artificially surfaced roads or paths including all their exits, even if damaged, as well as information signs, advertising panels, benches, litter bins, and all parts of the irrigation and drainage system are deemed immovable obstructions.
The young trees identified by a stake or wrapped with the wire mash are No Play Zones and the player must take relief under Rule 16.1.
The electric fencing in the Penalty Area – holes 4, 12, 13.
Boulders are integral parts of the course – holes 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 17.

Breach of a local rule: two-stroke penalty or loss of hole.

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